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Touring with Alaskabike...

Fully Supported...

What does fully supported mean? Simply this. You ride your bike, and we take care of everything else! At Alaskabike we feel the tour activities are plenty for you to do, so we set up roadside snacks, feed you lunches, and of course, forward your luggage to your hotel.

What's a Day Like?

On a typical high mileage day, we will meet for breakfast at 8:00 AM and be ready to ride about 9:30 AM.  We generally divide the riding day into four legs of 12 - 22 miles each.  After the first leg, we have a snack break at the van, where we have bananas, apples, candy bars, drinks and all kinds of other goodies available.  After the second leg we have lunch, which may be in a lodge, or may be on the side of the road.    After the third leg we have another snack break, and then its onto our rooms and dinner.  We eat our way down the highway!

A shorter mileage day proceeds much the same except after lunch we might hop in the van to go to a trailhead for a hiking excursion.

Riders ride at their own pace.  At all times a guide is employed as 'sweeper' and rides at the back of the group to catch any flat tires or other problems.  Some groups string out over quite a distance.  Others are much the same speed and stay as a pack.  No matter.  You get to ride at a pace you find comfortable.

Your Guide knows the road.  He knows the hills.  After a few days they will know you too.  We are always glad to answer questions like, "Do I want to ride this next leg?"

We know how difficult the ride is, we know how scenic it is, and we can see how fresh you are.  We do our best to make sure  that you get all you want..  but not too much

What if I get tired?  After all you are on vacation; there is no dishonor in taking a break.

If you ever donít want to ride your bike, or take part in any of the activities, we take care of that too! You will see the van roughly every two hours You can feel free to get in the van at any time!

Bonus Miles!  Most days will have the opportunity for you to ride even more mileage than the tour itinerary states.  Let us know!   We can usually give you all you want!



Movies of our guest's  comments!

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What did you think  of your rental bike?

Mark Ward, Detroit, Michigan


What did you think of the food on the tour?

Mike & Hope from Crestwood, Kentucky


We are loving every minute of this!

Mike A. from Atlanta Georgia completes a ride at Rainbow Mountain


Fred makes a beeline to the Trapper's Den.